In the groves of Eden Aria


It’s only fitting that I have a bit of Bowie between the old aurals when reviewing Eden Aria’s most stunning shoot for Bare Maidens. At some point reviewing her outdoors shoot, I thought, ‘It really doesn’t matter what I say here’. Sure, I can talk about how her lips have a hint of shimmer to them as the face pain kisses the edges. I can even say something about her shoes (seriously, love the moccasin look she’s rocking). This shoot focuses on the minimalist approach achievable by having someone like Eden Aria as the model. She’s literally in a sheet with a set of small boots–and she loses the sheet early on–for most of this. It doesn’t matter what she’s wearing or not–it doesn’t matter what I write or not. The moment you see her photos below, you are going to click on over to Bare Maidens.

Eden Aria is petite yet curved. She’s smooth yet has a toughness to her. She is, quite frankly, a photographer’s wet dream (no pun). Her features are of a goddess and yet it’s how she ‘wears’ those features that matters. There are a lot of stunning women who look a bit like Eden Aria out there but none of them have the grace and haunting looks like Eden. There aren’t a lot of SFW photos, but she doesn’t need a lot of samples to look over as each of them are simply perfect. If you think she looks good here, though, you need to check out the full Bare Maidens shoot.


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