The Scarlet Samurai get in touch with herself


If you think I loved her in the Cosplay-Mate still shots, then you need to have been here for the video review. She is toned. I didn’t really pick up on that before. I think I was too focused on other things, but you can see it plainly here in this video. Not only that, but she moves very well with–and without–the swords. She is a slinky secret moving around that sofa. Something dangerous and erotic.

I think this version of the Scarlet Samurai might be my favourite one. Of course, I am a bit biased since I got to really sit down and review every inch of this video. It left little to my imagination and that can be a good thing.


Ready for any challenge, this scarlet samurai bares it all. Quick reflexes and quicker blades, she will defend those she holds dear. Both cool and passionate, this fiery fairy can be quite a handful to deal with. This armor she is wearing is used for rapid strikes. Good thing it’s also quick to be removed.


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