Bazowie Awards 2024 Best Fantasy Themed Toy Nominees


While we are all getting amped up for the Bazowie! Awards livestream, I thought I’d just highlight a few categories. If your fantasies are fantasy-oriented, a lot of incredible toys came out this past year. Swords and sorcery and mystical creatures, oh my. Dear readers, we hope you will join us for March the 4th’s Bazowie Awards livestream, in less than a week and a half. Meanwhile, the Bazowie Awards 2024 nominees for Best Fantasy Themed Toy are:

Amanita from Fantasy Grove

Angelous Phallus from Kraken Monster Lab

Barghest Remastered from Xenocat Artifacts

Dragons Breath Plug from EroticEffect

Fenra from Fera Daemon

Fiona’s Muzzle from Bad Dragon

Hephos from Neotori Toys

Honour and Glory Sword Dildo Handles from Darque Path

Oak from Nothosaur

Porthole Suction Cup Mat from Odyssey Toys

Seraphina from Bad Dragon

Sir Gawain from Twilight Meadow

The Goblin from MouldForged


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