Bazowie Awards 2023 Best Anime Themed Toy Nominees


While we are all getting amped up for Saturday’s Bazowie! Awards livestream, I thought I’d just highlight a few categories. The category for Best Anime Themed Toy has a fabulous assortment of tentacle and more goodness for all your anime dreams. Dear readers, we hope you will join us for Saturday’s Bazowie Awards livestream. Meanwhile, the Bazowie Awards 2023 nominees for Best Anime Themed Toy are:

Abyss II from Nothosaur

Bubbles Stroker from Phreak.

Drone from CL Lovecrafts

Haiku from Bad Dragon

HORNY Stretcher from John Thomas Toys

Kanaloa from Love Smiths

Krakens Tentacle Depth Training from John Thomas Toys

Sentient from Factory D

Spellbound Grinder from DarquePath

Syvern II from SWISOK

Tentacle Butt Plug from Odyssey

Ursula Tentacle Gag from Sinnovator

Xan Ovipositor from Odyssey


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