Cassie’s Desirable Goeniko Cosplay


This cosplay is very good because it starts in a simple way: it only shows you Cassie fully clothed as Goeniko from King of Fighters, reading and just being gracefully serene. This allows you to take in her beauty before the spicier part begins.

Once you’ve got a chance to do that, this CosplayErotica set takes a quick turn to hotter waters as she not only starts showing a bit of her legs as if to entice you to look closely, but she then goes on to show a whole lot more of what lies under that robe of hers.

In the related video, you can see her posing with that calm style of hers, while she strips for you, slowly undoing her robe and taking off her clothes until all you can see is her hot, naked body.



She usually emulates Goenitz’s personality. On some occasions, she acts more submissive and doesn’t like to fight as much as her other counterparts, and at times, downplays the hatred of humans normally Goenitz has.




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