Cassie the Night Elf sans Mohawk


Alright, get ready to see me geek out. Cassie demonstrates her night elf (WoW sort) posture. Contrary to what Mr. T might say, she definitely is not a Night Elf Mohawk. She is, as we might say, a Night Elf Baldie or Prof. X. Of course, you have to find that picture for yourself, but take my word on this. She is quiet blue and quiet bare. She’s a blue haired, blue make-up’d blue sworded Night Elf Pally. That’s right, a nasty pally, as the quote below points out. However, now is when I get geeky. We all know that Night Elfs cannot be pallys in WoW. Maybe she is a blue haired Belf? Ohhhh or a wicked insight into the new Xpac, WoD!

Okay, back to the non-geeky stuff. Cassie is wearing a great two piece bra and panty combo that works well with her arm guards and cape. The bra is the centerpiece for me because it seems to barely hold things in. I would say, “Picture Slave Leia and give her very long Vulcan ears” and you’ll have the image of her top. Yes, I know I just made most sci-fi people cry out in agony with that remark, but I will make it up to you all. How? Well, let’s just say not only Night Elves have great frontal features, but they also work some booty magic as shown in the second picture. Gotta love how the skirt lets a little peek out. Of course, I get to see the full uncovered pictures and if you liked the tease here, you will really enjoy Cassie wearing nothing but the ears.


Check out Cassie, as she is cosplaying a nasty World Of Warcraft Night Elf paladin on…



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