Anastassia in a onesie


This one was a bit hard for me to pick a picture. Why? Because most of this is her naked. Anastassia comes in a onesie (I missed the trend where children’s pajamas are hot, but there it is) for this GodsGirls shoot. I have a friend who walks around in a purple dinosaur onesie. It’s cute enough, but it isn’t quite as revealing as Anastassia’s suit. What I do like about this is how her onesie is not big enough to keep her breasts from popping out. She also uses the top as a quasi-striptease veil that teases away from her eyes but draws back to her body. As I said a lot of these pictures are not safe for work and I can tell you that her body is really slender and then she has curves. It is a good look for her and she pulls it off very well.

Oh, and if you get a chance, do check out her great colourful tattoos on the armpits.

Description : Onesies and hot girls. Match made in heaven.



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