Annika Amour shoots for the stars


Annika Amour is featured in this shoot by Amelia G and Forrest Black. The setting is what catches my eye quickly and that is a huge turret created by Kevin Flint. I have not seen his work before, but I have to say job well done. Of course, a turret is just an empty shell without Annika Amour lending her look to the scene. Annika Amour went with classic black for her hair and her sparse clothing. This really goes well with the silver and grays of the turret. One thing about Annika Amour is her face is sculpted. This look brings a bit of sexuality mixed with reality for the shoot. Her look suggests that not only can she use that turret, but she might make you beg first. She is the perfect complement to the setting.


Here is a little teaser set of the wonderful Annika Amour in artist Kevin Flint’s turret. Forrest Black and I just shot her again at another friend of ours’ place, so stay tuned for some super erotic hot tub and bar sets.
–Amelia G


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