Annika Amour Halloween


Annika Amour HalloweenHere is another super sexy and incredibly beautiful jack o’lantern carving photo gallery from Blue Blood’s This series, shot by Amelia G and Forrest Black, introduces artsy goth chick Annika Amour and I have to say she is one nice addition to the site. She has the classic gothic good looks, from her pale skin to her black hair. I’m liking her elegantly flexible body and the old skool black lipstick too. According the site, Annika Amour and all the naked pumpkin carvers on the site decide individually how they want to carve their pumpkins. From the rest of the series, it looks like her method involved a ballpoint pen, a pumpkin carving saw, and a switchblade. And we are lucky enough to have a free GothicSluts Annika Amour Halloween gallery to share with you all.

I’d like to introduce you all to the classically gothic and beautiful Annika Amour. Forrest Black and Annika and I had a great time shooting this Halloween series for your viewing pleasure. Every spooky individual has their own methodology and style for pumpkin carving. The artistically-inclined Annika sketched out her design carefully before digging in with the knives to make her jack o’lantern for the season.
–Amelia G


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