RazorCandi City Lights Seduction


This set has a warm and vibrant feel to it, as it shows you the always beautiful and stylish RazorCandi out in the open on an empty street while the amber lights bathe her body and share the feel of adventure with the night sky as she poses and presents her great outfit for you, which you can admire as you get the sense that this set is actually a collection of images that make you remember a fun night out with her.

Things get hotter as the set goes on, because as she continues to strike her sexy poses, RazorCandi also decides to initiate some light teasing by showing you her breasts and caressing them a bit, or pulling down on her pants to show you more skin in a delightful stream of imagery imbued with eroticism.

RazorCandi is great at everything she does, and if you want to continue celebrating her unique style and personality, you can get a better look at the awesome stuff she’s done through the years in her sexy Art Book which features an image from this series on the back and we are told is going to close pre-orders this month.

Hermannstadt is the German name for Sibiu, the beautiful historical city I live in, located in the region of Transylvania, Romania. My eight year reign over Romania is coming to a close but I wanted to bring something special with me so I thought shooting an atmospheric set around the gorgeous city would be not only very fun event for me but an amazing experience to share with you! Hope you enjoy the scenery and the naughty little peek a boos in public!


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