Call To Cosplay Recap Season 1 Episode 4 : April vs Kimba


In the fourth episode of Myx TV’s Call To Cosplay season 1, April and Kimba will show their talents on who is the best cosplayer. The usual guidelines are there, they have to finish the task within 8 hours, only have 1 help/assistant and the budget should not exceed 100 USD. For this episode, they will need to make a costume out of a character that is non-Japanese or not based on any manga or anime in Japan. Additionally, their mystery material inside the box is a can of coffee. How will they make use of this?

April thought of making a costume of Alice and Kimba wants to make a Harley Quinn costume. The outcome of both costumes looked fantastic! Although it was a tie, I think that April’s costume is really amazing because of the car shoes, ears and tails she made. There is still a final round so I can’t wait to watch it and see who will really win!


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