Clockwork Planet Episode 1


There are a lot of great anime series that came out on April and one of them is Clockwork Planet. The story began when the world ended and “Y”, a genius engineer, created another world full of gears. You can say this is a steam punk type of anime but maybe that’s just me, since the story revolves in a world full of gears and not steam. Clockwork Planet is originally a light novel written by Yuu Kamiya and Tsubaki Himana on April 2013. After researching, I found that what this type of anime is called clockpunk fantasy, which is obvious because one of the major character’s insides is full of gears like the clock!

Naoto Miura is a student who adores machines but it seems like he can’t even fix a single clock. While in his workstation, a crate crashed and it looks like a coffin but only cooler. Naoto found a beautiful automaton. Naoto has a gift of hearing which part of the machine is not working by listening to its gears and he was able for fix the automaton, RyuZu, who instantly saved him when his apartment collapsed.

Naoto is wearing a noise-cancelling headphones all the time because he has better hearing than the others. Seriously, I also wear noise-cancelling headphones to avoid focus more on what I’m doing, sleep or avoid awkward conversations. From how the story went in this first episode, it seems that Marie Bell Breguet, the princess/youngest president of Breguet company and a first-class clock technician was the one owned RyuZu but unfortunately, one of her people dropped RyuZu’s casket along the way.

If you are into mecha and/or clockpunk, this one is a highly recommended anime!


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