Call To Cosplay : Season 1 Episode 1 Recap — Cosplay 101


Looking back, one of the amazing shows of Myx TV is Call To Cosplay where it features different cosplayers and they have 8 hours to finish the costume that was assigned. We were able to see how the cosplayers push to their limits and what they can do under stress.

On Season 1 Episode 1 of Call To Cosplay: Cosplay 101, they featured a brief background of Zoe, Nicolette, Marissa, Miranda, Kim and Jayden.

Zoe usually tailored her costumes or upgrades her current outfit that looks like the one that her favorite anime character’s outfit and Nicolette usually orders her costumes online. Meanwhile, Marissa had been competing since 2007 and it’s the joy of having to participate to cosplay conventions that drives her even though sometimes, she doesn’t win any awards. Miranda, on the other hand, is a small town girl who loves to dress up since she was a kid. Kim was the one who was always bullied until she found love with cosplay, and is very good at it and Jayden, who’s from Taiwan and a very good skill with sculpting and making costumes and armors.

The rules of this show are as follows:

1. The cosplayers are given only 8 hours to complete the costume
2. Only have 1 assistant
3. Their budget is only $100

Here’s another thing, the judge will be giving a mystery items, such as hangers and canned beans. That’s really difficult if you’re not creative enough.

The contestants will be judged on craftsmanship, their creativity, authenticity and “wow” factor. I can’t wait to see the next episodes to see how it went out with the contestants since all of them seem very talented and creative.


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