Time to Hunt!: Kaizer-sama as Vampire Hunter D in MAniFest 2016 Cosplay Festival


VAMPIRES! — They are one those fearsome creatures of the night that we’ve always heard of but still adore. Feared yet loved. Why not? As long as they won’t suck the life out of me, I guess I’d be happy enough to throw myself out to a vampire as handsome as D.

Despite being half-human, half vampire, D can be considered as one of the strongest vampires there is. His supernatural powers and abilities make him far better than pureblooded vampires. He’s also not easily affected by sunlight which makes it even more convenient for him as a vampire hunter. It’s quite ironic and mysterious, right? Knowing that the vampire blood runs through his veins yet he despises their kind. Well, you can only find out the reason, if you watch the whole series yourself!

Anyway, here’s Kaizer-sama‘s Vampire Hunter D cosplay that he wore during the MAniFest Cosplay Festival in 2016. He looks so stunning that he won the grand prize in the Cosplay competition.

These photos were taken by Sakito Katsukawa.


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