Kasumi Goto – Stealing Memory

With characters like the elusive and alluring Kasumi Goto, it’s no wonder that the Mass Effect series has millions of followers; it’s also no surprise that Cosplay Erotica has set the bar again by nailing the character in this set featuring Tamia.

Taking on the challenge of bringing the enigmatic thief to life is no easy task, but Tamia takes to the stage with amazing intensity, becoming every inch Kasumi. Tamia does the intricately detailed black, white and pale grey bodysuit superb justice, wearing it effortlessly, filling it out perfectly and posing sinuously, with a complementary pistol, for maximum impact.

As it happens, Kasumi’s suit, much like herself, has a secret – it’s actually two separate parts. The shiny black pleather part forms a second, much more revealing outfit, which Tamia puts to devastating effect, showing off her stunning body while proving she’s just as limber as Kasumi herself. (The downside to this is that I can’t show you anything from the second half of the shoot, there’s a little too much on show for that, not that you’ll ever hear me complaining.)

The backdrop and atmosphere of this shoot evoke the feeling that it was conducted in one of the quieter corridors of the SSV Normandy SR2, tying everything together to complete Cosplay Erotica’s rendition of Kasumi, filled with details the most diehard fans will love and beautifully general enough make newcomers fall in love with both Kasumi and Tamia. One thing’s for sure – either of them can rob me anytime, I just hope they forget the bodysuit portion of the outfit!

Kasumi Goto is the galaxy’s most enigmatic thief and has enemies everywhere, but only a few could put a name to her face. She is a master of stealth and infiltration. Kasumi is only available through the Kasumi – Stolen Memory Mass Effect 2 DLC pack.

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