Cosplay Erotica’s Stacy is a doll cosplaying as Alisa Southerncross

Stacy from Cosplay Erotica makes us all feel a little froggy as Alisa Sotherncross from Sgt. Frog. Her cool exterior can’t hide how much she heats things up.

Dressed in her gray skirt, black tights, overlaying striped panties, head bow, and her proper sweater, Stacy looks innocent enough as the alien doll who befriends the frogs. Soon, however, those panties start coming off and it’s not long those black tights follow.

Stacy‘s fingers soon start to examine the alien vessel and take every opportunity to feel more, both inside and out. In both the picture set and accompanying video, she gives herself a thorough examination.

Alisa is an undead being / toy doll who feasts on aliens to gain humanity. Her adoptive father, Nevula, is the black alien who is trying to give Alisa humanity. She befriends the Keroro Platoon after Fuyuki protects her despite what she had done to them in Episode 133. In the manga, she only captures aliens and imprisons them in a box, referring to them as the “Dark Race”, but is stopped after her father is attacked by Angol Mois.

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