Camping cam with Nintend_XO!


Time for something a little different from Nintend_xo as she takes her camming camping (or does it count as glamping?), accompanied by her faithful giant Pusheen.

In keeping with her outdoor adventures today Nintend_xo is sporting a lumberjack shirt, which is nicely revealing and spends little time closed, very short shorts showing off her amazing legs and cute bear knee-high socks. While short, they are keeping her lingerie hidden for the moment, but don’t worry, it won’t stay that way for long as Nintend_xo always picks up the pace.

There’s no set theme for today, just fun with whoever joins her in chat; although there has been mention of a fire-starting, a perfect addition to what promises to be a frolic filled outdoor adventure in the quest to become Miss MFC number one.

Name: Zia
Age: 20
Height: 5.3
Body Type: Petite
Weight: 115 lbs
Bra Size 32B
Sugar: Addict
Location: USA – WA
Relationship: Single
Sexuality: Bi-Curious
Birthday: March 10th
Cammiversary: Dec 10th


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