Nintend_xo wearing a bit of Pokemon before a glitter show


I got a chance to surf the rooms tonight and boy was I glad I did. I saw this model in a Nintendo shirt and her name, well, you guessed it, “Nintend_xo“. She is a ball of energy gamer geek type that is really a lot of fun to be ‘around’. In addition to the Nintendo shirt and the Pokemon gear (later the shirt was ditched for something a bit more natural), Nintend_xo started to play a bit of a game with her tippers. I got to see some cool prizes (some worth well over 1,000 tokens) and I’m quite glued to what’s the countdown is teasing.

Oh, when I said it was a glitter show for a countdown, did I mention it was an Oil and Glitter show? I’ll see you there.

Name: Nintend_xo
United States
19, Caucasian
Tags: tattoos, piercing, petite, alternative, nintendo, nerdy, blue eyes, artist, young


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