RazorCandi Provocative Beach Escapade


This set will bring you lots of sweet feelings that remain with you forever, as it brings you a hot RazorCandi’s dream-like setting that invites you to admire you how she enjoys herself on a beach, hanging out and having lots of sexy fun.

She is wearing a sexy black bikini, and while she shows you her smooth skin and total beauty, the water behind her provides the perfect backdrop for the moment, adding a calming feel as your heart prepares to flutter every time she flashes you or poses sensually while the sand and the water caress her feet.

Later in the shoot she pulls down on her bikini top so she can show you the smashing look of her bare breasts and her gorgeous body, creating, along with the beach she is at, a majestic view with a breathtaking sensual style.

If you are interested in helping this incredible woman, you can support her sexy stuff and discover what other surprises she’s got for you and what you can do to help make all her artistic projects a reality. Her new book is also available on Amazon.

I managed to make it out to Vama Veche again this year but this time I made a real effort to shoot on the beach! Because there are so many people around and no way to sneak off to more remote private areas I decided to shoot with the phone but also had Atti along for some beautiful shots with the Nikon. I’m happy with the photos and to make this set more interesting I decided to intermingle the two sets so that you get the best of both worlds! I think this set is really cool because it shows how different certain lighting, angles and quality can make a photo look. Hope you enjoy this beautiful sunrise set shot on the shores of the black sea!


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