Happy Cammiversary, Sinomin!


Sinomin took votes from her room on what to dress up as for her cammiversary, as the date falls during Halloween month. The votes were just for evil. No specific character. So this demon babe character design is entirely Sinomin‘s own creation. I had to ask if she has professional education in prosthetics for horror makeup and I am not surprised to learn that she has had training because her makeup job is truly epic. As always, I extra enjoy it when people create their own characters, inspired by fandom flavors, but not cosplaying any specific character other than their own. Demoness Sinomin is just a truly epic evil makeup. Check it out, her third eyeball into Hell matches her real eyes! It is free to register an account tonight to discuss the left hand path with Sinomin and wish her a happy cammiversary. Today is her six year broadcaster anniversary and she has tons of creative videos and things on offer that you can ask her about with a free account.


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