Sinomin 420 Cosplaying Bulma


Sinomin is cosplaying Bulma to kick off the beginning of Halloween month. She just asked if anyone ever expected to see Bulma smoking a joint. Well, maybe I didn’t expect it, but I feel like my existence is better for it. She says when she found this costume, it was the last one hidden away and it was hard to even tell what it was from the packaging. So it was clearly meant to be that she would cosplay Bulma again. She even made bonus accessory goodness. I love people being into crafting! Sinomin has a photo set available from a different Bulma cosplay she did a while back and there is likely to be a new photo set or video. Now we are discussing smoking versus different kinds of edibles and the crazy food injection marijuana instant edible syringes. Sinomin says she almost ruined Xmas with the dangers of those syringes from California, as they pack a punch and, like all edibles, it is hard to gauge the amount. It is free this weekend to set up a profile to enjoy discussing video game anime cosplay and pot. Happy Halloween month!


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