Angela is Mysterious as Kunimitsu


A rule in Fighting games, like the Tekken series, is that female fighters should always be as strong as they are sexy. Angela from CosplayErotica truly embodies that philosophy. A tight, toned redhead nails this cosplay of Kunimitsu. She has an air of mystery surrounding her since her face is covered with a mask for most of the photoshoot, and yet somehow she is still very alluring.

Kunimitsu was once a member of the Manji Crime Syndicate, but she was thrown out after committing some thefts for personal gain. Although, when Angela dresses up as the character it would be hard to imagine anyone wanting to let her go. She is very sexy and shows off plenty of skin in this shoot. It would be hard to fight someone as good looking as her, as her looks would definitely be distracting.

Kunimitsu is a character in the Tekken fighting game series. She made her first appearance in the original Tekken game as an unlockable character and sub-boss for Michelle Chang. It is unknown what happens to Kunimitsu after her last canonical appearance in Tekken 2


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