Scarlet Starr Hack/Slash


I like the more costumed sets that Blue Blood and Erotic Fandom tend to publish for their science fiction and fantasy fandom work. But something about this really intimate shoot of Scarlet Starr just really appeals to me today. She is rolling around on a bed, after reading sexy Hack/Slash comic books by Tim Seeley. There is a laptop in the frame with lots of stickers, all Tank Girl cyberpunk style. The shots make Scarlet Starr look very approachable and genuine and, of course, as always in her collaborations with artists Forrest Black and Amelia G, she looks very beautiful. If you are not familiar with the work of Tim Seeley, get thee to a comic book store. He is probably best known for some of the big movie tie-in stuff he has worked on, like G.I. Joe, but you should know him for Hack/Slash and Revival. Tim Seeley does a nice job of drawing alt girl heroines, so it is only fitting that real life alt girl heroines might give him a shoutout back. The rest of this series of Scarlet Starr is, of course, not remotely as SFW as what I can post here. Trust me, it is a very nice shoot.

scarlet starr hack slash

Comic Con seemed like appropriate timing to post this new shoot Forrest Black and I did with Scarlet Starr. I hope you all enjoy this homage to Tim Seeley‘s Hack/Slash comic book series. If you are at Comic Con, you can meet Scarlet Starr promoting at the Gene Roddenberry Star Trek booth.
–Amelia G

cassie rockabilly tim seeley art

scarlet starr hack slash


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