Scarlet Starr Rayguns


scarlett star raygunsI really like the sets Forrest Black and Amelia G have been shooting of newcomer Scarlet Starr over at Blue Blood. I think this is my favorite series yet. There is a real sense of fun here and Scarlet Starr has a really cute mischievous smile.

Of course, in addition to a cute blue-green-haired, inked, emo girl looking like she is having fun, this shoot features rayguns. I am definitely a fan of rayguns. According to the blog, the raygun fun is by an artist named Kevin Flint. I have to love any site which feels compelled to credit the raygun-maker. In fact, I think that is my new criterion for all sites, whether or not they have a raygun artist credited. This is a really long and very sexy shoot (if you like rayguns and, if you are reading Sexy Fandom, I know that you do), featured on Erotic Fandom and Blue Blood.


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