Scarlet Starr Makes You Feel In Wonderland


The beautiful Scarlet Starr has a surprise with this outfit that has us staring in awe at her charm, something that would not be possible without BlueBlood.

At first we see Scarlet Starr being cute, posing in fun ways, taking her time to captivate us with her features and gaze; then, the show takes a quick turn towards a naughtier realm.

Finding this cat in your travels through Wonderland would definitely make you not want to wake up at all; and, once the clothes start coming off, you will wish she would never turn invisible.

Needless to say, this version of the Cheshire Cat would make Wonderland truly deserving of the name.



Cheshire Cat is one of my favorite fictional characters and now I have reason to like it even more. ~Forrest Black




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