Weather Goddess conjures up a Storm


Yes, I get it. Sometimes brands are protective, so play along with me. In this shoot with Cosplay-Mate there is a ebony Weather Goddess with stark white hair. She has the powers to summon a Storm. This X-Men costuming is pretty decent. I think the cape really adds to the over-all effect and she uses it quite well. She also is a lot more Storm-esque than the movie version. If look over at the naked pictures in this set and then look at the comic books, you will see what I mean. She isn’t a perfect storm (oh, puns!), but she is pretty close. Her tone and trim body look great without the top and the boots she keeps on adds to the centerfold aspect. I haven’t seen this model before, but I do know I want to see more of her in the future.


With wind, rain and lightning heeding her call, his (x-)goddess helps protect the weak against those that try to bring their ruin. Ordering storms and hurricanes, she handles most of her encounters with such destructive force there’s no point even daring getting on her bad side. Other than shocking us with what she offers, she does have a strong, serene character. Keeping her smiling may give a better ride than planned.


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