Jasmine Webb As Storm Brings The Thunder


Jasmine Webb, from VR CosplayX, did what many thought would be impossible, being a hotter Storm than Halle Berry. She shows here why Storm is not only one of the most powerful X-men but also the hottest, and that doesn’t have anything to do with the weather. In this VR scene, you’re Wolverine, Jean Grey has recently died, and Storm is going to do whatever it takes to make you forget about her.

Jasmine is an ebony beauty, and when you add in Storm’s white hair and piercing blue eyes you have a uniquely beautiful woman. She brings a certain amount of sass and personality we don’t get to normally see from an onscreen portrayal of Storm. When this version of Storm is around the parameter reading isn’t the only thing on the rise.

It’s a tough time to be in Logan’s POV. Since the apparent death of Jean, you’ve been on a constant bender. It’s at a seedy bar that Storm finds you, trying to talk you into coming back. They all miss you, she assures you while placing her hand over yours, but most importantly: she misses you. She stirs some intense stuff in you when she says you can’t bring her back.


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