Marilyn Is Julia From Cowboy Bebop


Marylin, from CosplayErotica, pulls off one of the best Julia from Cowboy Bebop cosplays I have ever seen. Her athletic body looks sleek and enticing in her one-piece leather suit. This girl shows off her skills with handling a pistol in a way that makes you wonder what else she could handle. She is definitely someone you’d want to leave a life of crime behind for.

Marilyn has a great look like she would fit in perfectly in as an old pinup model. The bright red lipstick she has on really showcases her perfect pouty lips. And, her stunning blue eyes are the same color as a Carribean ocean. She has a classic beauty that would fit in in any decade, whether it be the 1950’s, 2000’s, or 2060’s.

“It’s all…a dream.“―Julia
Julia is a mysterious and beautiful woman that Spike is always looking for, and in her past was important to both him and Vicious.

CosplayErotica loves Julia (and Cowboy Bebop) so we created this erotic cosplay set with Marylin.


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