The Weather Goddess brings whips up a Storm


Cosplay-Mate presents, The Weather Goddess aka Storm. There is a cute part of this video where Storm is a bit in need of extra time with her clasp. It is funny to me because the model expresses is so clearly and yet she doesn’t break character. I can actually picture Storm doing this. When you can look that much like the comic character (not the movie remake, but the one we grew up with) that the people viewing forget you don’t have those powers, then you are a success.

I love this version of Storm. When I see this video on my list to review, I am super stoked. I will tell you what, these X-Men type videos do not let me down. I think I will have to watch this one again. You know, for study purposes. That’s it. Study purposes.


With wind, rain and lightning heeding her call ,his (x-)goddess helps protect the weak against those that try to bring their ruin. Ordering storms and hurricanes, she handles most of her encounters with such destructive force there’s no point even daring getting on her bad side. Other than shocking us with what she offers, she does have a strong, serene character. Keeping her smiling may give a better ride than planned.


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