Chaotika models a chainmail thong


That’s right. You didn’t misread the title–Chaotika is modeling a chainmail thong in this one. In fact, her entire suit is a small chain bikini with a very tight over weave over her shoulder. There is something primal about Chaotika in these pictures. I think Amelia G and Forrest Black do a great job bringing this to life. Her poses on all fours are actually my favorite for the set. This one, in particular, I love because it looks like her bat tattoo is handing from the chain string. The framing of the chains and her tattoos work really well here. Also, the pink hair mixed with blond against the metal bikini blends really well in these photos. I’m not sure how Amelia G and Forrest Black do it, but they do it well with some help from Chaotika.

chaotika silver girl

There is just something yummy about a girl in a metal bikini. When the lady in question is Chaotika, so much the better. The comic book tattoos are a nice accent, don’t you think.
–Amelia G

chaotika chainmail bikini


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