Kitty Plays Nekomimi


I’ve been looking for unique cosplayers these past few days. However, the harder I look, the more I see that a lot of cosplayers, especially girls, really love to cosplay cats. Such cosplayers or people are called nekomimi (cat girl) or nekojin (cat people). They either cosplay as a cat from head to toe or wear cat ears headpiece to look like our cute furry friends. Either way works as long as they have those cute cat ears on.

Here’s an adorable nekomimi cosplay by Kitty Plays Kristen that you’ll surely love. She usually wears those cute cat ears on while streaming live on her Twitch and Youtube account. She’s indeed a cat purr-son who loves wearing and collecting cat ears headpieces. You’d sometimes see her snuggling her pretty cat too! Thus the reason for the name “Kitty Plays”.




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