In Honor of Nurses Day – Hot Akali Nurse Cosplay by Kitty Plays

Akali Nurse was one of the skins of Akali in the world renowned game League of Legends. Unlike other character skins which were designed for pure entertainment and for a better game experience, the “Akali Nurse Skin” was designed to grant the League of Legends Community request. On a brighter side, the Akali nurse skin was used for a good cause too because if you remember that horrific earthquake in Japan which took place in 2011, proceeds from the sale of this skin were used to help aide those people who were affected by that devastating incident.

Well, some nurses may be too conservative but hey! Feast your eyes, for this is truly a fan service you’ll surely love. Here’s a hot Nurse Akali Cosplay by Kitty Plays. She’s the only nurse I know who carries a big gun tho.

League of Legends: Akali Nurse

League of Legends: Akali Nurse

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