Spider Gwen by Maid of Might Cosplay


I’m sure many people already know about Maid of Might Cosplay. I mean, it’s the woman that chooses to cosplay with her own twist to things — usually, her characters present themselves in slave outfits, as seen in Princess Leia from Star Wars.

This time, though, she definitely goes a step further as she portrays Spider Gwen, and does an amazing job at it. Look at those images! She’s even got a Spiderman to pair up with her and present us with double the awesome stuff. I admit, I’m not a great conoisseur of Spidey’s various timelines and what not, but I fell in love with this Spider Gwen. The design is beautiful and the cosplayer definitely nailed it.

I personally think it’s pretty amazing and damn sexy. Do you? If you like her work, check out her page. Photos were taken by York in a Box, OKSphoto and Tara Ziemba


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