Cooking with Bunny Chef Kristen!


What type of a foodie person are you? Are you the one who just loves to eat all types of mouth watering and exotic foods or are you the type who loves to explore in the kitchen? Well, if you’re in for cooking, meet this lovely bunny chef Kristen. She’s also popularly known as Kitty Plays as she mostly cosplay as a cat in her Youtube and Twitch streams.

This hot babe is a gamer, streamer, content creator, and entrepreneur who also loves to cosplay. She actually cosplays live in her Youtube and Twitch account while doing other stuff like playing video games, talking and chatting with her Twitch followers, and as you can see in these photos — cooking!

Although she’s dressed up as a bunny in these photos, you’ll find the caption of one of these photos in her Instagram account really amusing as it says, “Cooking with Kitty!”


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