League of Legends’ Janna by Kristen Hughey at Space City Comic Con 2015


Another day, another awesome League of Legends cosplay! Today’s cosplay feature focuses on Janna, the Storm’s Fury, portrayed by the extremely popular Kristen Hughey. Janna, for the unfamiliar, is a powerful sorceress gifted in the elemental magicks of air. She uses her abilities to freely manipulate the winds and harness them both as a protective and destructive force. She’s also sexy as hell, but don’t let her looks deceive you!

Kristen Hughey is a well-known American cosplayer, costumer and pin-up model based in South Carolina. A self-professed “cosplay dork” and “superhero-in-training”, Kristen is a familiar sight in most major conventions around the world. She prefers doing comic book cosplays, but she also delves into popular gaming and geek culture costumes from time to time. Kristen also has done a treasure trove of various pin-up and modeling photos. This girl is sizzling hot, and a must-follow!

As expected, Kristen is a natural fit for this Janna cosplay, given her sexy physique and busty chest. If you’ve seen her other photos (especially the pin-up ones, hot damn), she definitely capitalizes on her buxom figure quite well. This Janna portrayal is no exception. I love it!

Kristen Hughey has a plethora of websites and social media channels on the web. She has an official website, an online store, a Facebook account, a Twitter account, a DeviantArt page, a Tumblr page, and even a Twitch.tv channel.

The first photo was taken in the recently concluded Space City Comic Con in Houston, Texas by Lyon Hart Photography. The second photo is from a previous cosplay shoot taken by Jay Hooker Images.

Kristen Hughey's Janna
Kristen Hughey's Janna
League of Legends' Janna


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