Tekken Revolution’s Eliza by Kristen Hughey at Salt Lake Gaming Con 2015


My favorite video game cosplayer Kristen Hughey is back with another sizzling cosplay rendition, the sexy vampire Eliza of Tekken Revolution. I’m not exactly a huge fan of that particular fighting game franchise, as I’m more of a Street Fighter fanboy, but I’m a sucker (pun, I know) for the whole concept of vampires, especially the female variety. According to the Tekken wiki, Eliza is a 1000-year-old bloodsucker with immense powers. As for why she’s in Tekken, the wiki doesn’t really mention any details on that, but who cares? Aliza’s really hot, and so is Kristen in this epic shoot!

As always, professional “cosplay dork” Kristen Hughey is in peak form for this video game cosplay. She crafted the whole costume herself, so it’s no surprise that it’s very detailed and intricate. Horns aren’t exactly a usual feature on the garden-variety vampire, but in this case, they work really well for the character and her getup. Let’s hope we get to see more of this particular cosplay from Kristen in the future. She’s a perfect fit for this role!

Photos were taken in Salt Lake Gaming Con 2015 last weekend. Second photo (including fellow cosplayer Destiny Nickelsen) was taken by Ngo Photography.

Kristen Hughey has a plethora of websites and social media channels on the web. She has an official website, an online store, a Facebook account, a Twitter account, a DeviantArt page, a Tumblr page, and even a Twitch.tv channel.

Kristen Hughey's Eliza
Kristen Hughey's Eliza
Tekken Revolution's Eliza


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