Nekomimi Cosplay With Akirahartyx


Akirahartyx is wearing the cat ears of Nekomimi anime characters. With her snow pale skin and big beautiful eyes, she looks like she jumped right off the page of a Japenese Magna. And, she has a couple of original anime tattoos. As an added special bonus, and to throw in a little bit of American animation, she has a nice big Stewie, from Family Guy, tattoo on her other arm.

Akirahartyx is part Asian and part Russian and these to ethnicities blend together to make one beautiful girl. This girl really has these sad eyes that make you want to just hold her and never let go. She is like a porcelain doll in real life; pale, fragile, and gorgeous. With her cat ears and short black dress that is ever so slightly falling off her shoulders, this girl is a real treat for the eyes.

Hello, my name is Akira. I am 18. Cheerful and sociable girl.I love to communicate, but I can make all your dreams come true! I have some toys and I’m ready to play!


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