Jhame Kevin as Deadpool


It feels like yesterday when Bacolod City joined the slowly growing hobby/interest/contest in the Philippines called Cosplay. The first one was Anbu Fest, where everyone dressed up like Anbus from Naruto. It was held on a gymnasium of the 888 Mall and there’s only few games that day. One of the games I remember is the Amazing Race : Anbu Edition. It’s like Amazing Race but only within the mall and all of the participants are dressed up like Anbus. I was able to meet other cosplayers and it feels so nice to meet other people who shares the same passion and can definitely relate when it comes to anime terminologies and lines.

One of the cosplayers I met was the energetic Jhame Kevin Trayfalgar, whom I noticed because of the happy energetic aura he emits, just like Naruto. I added the new found friends on Facebook but not all of them stayed connected for a long time.

I recently attended the first Visayas Cosplay Summit and I immediately noticed Deadpool. I know it should be normal seeing someone dressed up as Deadpool, but he was riding a cloud. What registered in my mind that time was, Deadpool stole Goku’s magic cloud. It was fun to watch and everyone was trying to ride the cloud. It was actually a hover board designed as a cloud which is pretty cool and unique. Later, I found out that it was Jhame Kevin. He said he did not join any contest, but only went there on his Deadpool Cosplay just to have fun. His character’s (Deadpool) giddy and energetic character is looked and felt real that you’d think it was really Deadpool himself and everyone took a picture of him and his magic cloud.

Whenever and wherever there is a Cosplay event or anime convention, he’s always present. It’s like this guy’s got a radar for anything about anime! If you would like to check out Jhame Kevin’s pictures and his costumes, you may check his Facebook page here.


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