Deadpool Bodypaint Cosplay by Michelle Gamboa


Doing cosplays is pretty expensive. Furthermore, there’s a lot of things to be concerned about, like what character to cosplay, the outfit, the accessories, the make-up, and many more. However, if you can dare to “bare” it, why not try Papi Miranda‘s bodypaint cosplay ideas? It’s seductively hot, artistic, and very cost-efficient! Plus, it will be a total eye candy!

Check out this Deadpool bodypaint cosplay by Michelle Gamboa, which is one of Papi Miranda’s artistic creations. It was really cool, feisty, and oh so sexy!

Papi Miranda is an airbrush artist and does amazing bodypaint cosplays. He is also a great photographer and photo editor. He took these pictures and did the edits as well. I must say that one of his best edits was the photo which has the same background as the Empire Magazine‘s Cover which was issued last year (December 31, 2015).

For more photos and other creative bodypaint cosplay ideas from Papi Miranda, visit his Instagram and Facebook account.


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