Alluring Honkai Impact 3 Cosplay


Have I ever mentioned that cosplays are a great way for anime and games to get free promotion? The more people that cosplay the characters the more chances of people getting interested about where the character is from. I can say I know from experience because I’ve seen Honkai Impact 3 ads on my facebook and my Instagram to be honest but I never really thought I’d want to try playing the game up until I saw this cosplay. It’s beautifully portrayed and shot and it made me look and think if it’s good enough for someone to cosplay it, it must be good enough to play.

Yes, I know she’s wearing a maid outfit and she’s holding a scythe. I can hear skeptics calling it cliché, but come on, really, what Japanese franchise isn’t complete without a maid character these days? It’s a given that the Japanese otaku population have a thing for maid characters so as the crowd demands it, the creators provide and rake in millions from the over 54 million downloads of the game in Asia alone.

Cosplayer: 沧霁桔梗
Photo by: 阿萨姆莱AsamuRai_


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