Effie Trinket Cosplay by Michelle Coyle


Worn at Comic Con 2012, Michelle Coyle’s Effie Trinket cosplay is to die for. The pink wig is fantastic, and I actually like it even better than Effie’s white wig from the first reaping! The poofy purple shoulders and flowers around the neck and hair give the costume Effie’s iconic Capitol flair. I do wish that this photo had a more relevant background. That said, the background used could be a balcony on a building somewhere in the Capitol, with a little imagination. In sum, this cosplay shows an excellent understanding of Effie’s character.


So, as you can see, my costume is more in the style of Effie than an exact copy. The most difficult item to find was the shirt. I searched all my local thrift stores to find a fuchsia, puffy-sleeved shirt. Eventually I found this one that is lighter in color and the sleeves were not as puffy as I wanted. I decided the color would be fine and added lots of tulle in the sleeves to get the puffier effect. then I used a belt to give the cinched waist that she had. After not finding the perfect skirt I ended up ordering this plum pencil skirt off of Amazon.

For the flowers around her neck, I bought a flower bouquet at the Dollar Store. I cut the flowers off and sewed them to a thick piece of black ribbon that I made into a choker with a couple snaps. I am terrible at sewing, so if I could achieve this then so can you. For the flower in my hair I used some of the leftover tulle. I twisted it around on itself and sewed it at the bottom to make a giant flower and bobby-pinned it to my hair. Speaking of hair, I found a blond Marilyn Monroe wig, teased the hair to make it big and used pink hair spray to add color. She has a lot less color in her hair than I do, so it’s a personal preference on how much you want to add.


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