Nexpo 4 Dumaguete City


It is finally March 19, 2016, the start of the 2-day Nexpo 4 and for anyone who travelled 8 hours to the location, expecting something great to see at the Nexpo 4, all is normal. I arrived at Robinson’s Place Dumaguete by 11:30 A.M. and there’s a very few cosplayers practicing for their dance. They started around 3 P.M. by playing a game of guessing the title of the song and the anime it belongs to. It was fun seeing that there are kids who know the songs of their favorite anime. After the game, they have cosplayers who sing and dance. I noticed that there’s just one kiosk selling anime keychains and that there are very few people. I thought that maybe the people will gather once it is the fashion walk, just like in VCS Bacolod.

It was time for the Cosplay fashion walk around 4 P.M. and there’s still very few people in the event center. I strolled around hunting for the cosplayers and took their pictures. They were so kind to let me take their pictures; however, I only got a spot for pictures on the left side of the stage.

There’s actually Sarada (Sasuke and Sakura’s daughter) and Boruto (Naruto and Hinata’s son) and I think it was very creative instead of cosplaying Sasuke, Sakura or Naruto. Also, there is a cosplayer as Toothless, who almost everyone assumed was a girl. I saw the cloud and found out it was Jhame Kevin, the cosplayer from Bacolod.

Besides the very little promotion on Nexpo 4 (VCS Bacolod had posters everywhere and posters on the cars to let everyone know about the event), I soon found out that the reason why there are very few cosplayers, is that there is a Cosplay Craze Cebu the very next day that the cosplayers are preparing for. The third reason is that, mostly are preparing for the Holy Week in the Philippines. It’s either they went to different summer locations for the Holy Week or went home to celebrate the Holy Week.

I can say that, although there are few cosplayers, everyone who watched it really enjoyed it. There are some newbie cosplayers and joining this convention would surely spark their passion for Cosplay and will aim for a perfect Cosplay next time.


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