Cooper Ika in her own Maniac Mansion


We’ve all played the game growing up or in some retro form—Maniac Mansion. We know the scene and that little bopping tentacle. Long before the various chans brought us Hentai saturation, Maniac Mansion was the OG Tentacle groove and Cooper Ika taps into that feeling in a very adult way.

BlueBlood’s Forrest Black and Amelia G knock it out of the park with this tentacular set. Starring the very colourful Cooper Ika, a Yoshi backpack, a giant tentacle, and poses that would make Heather Harmon go ‘Wait, how much of that is where?!’, this shoot is for all of you OG gamers and Hentai fans alike.

I first saw Cooper Ika on the pages of SexyFandom’s Bazowie! and she is captivating. We all know Bazowie! has a lot of great spreads and writers (modest, ain’t I?) but Cooper made me want to know more about her. There’s such a great vibe (no pun) coming from every photo Cooper Ika is in and Blue Blood really brings out the best in her. BlueBlood was kind enough to give a shoutout to SexyFandom in Bazowie! and I’m glad to be the one to return the favour. I am a huge fan of SexyFandom and BlueBlood and it’s great to see the two powerhouses of all things cool mingle.

Speaking of a powerhouse of all things cool, Cooper Ika is stunning in this shoot. Yes, her outfit is something I want to steal for later on (seriously, look at her legs! I love those colours!), but it’s her actions that make things pop.

As the saying goes, put your money with your mouth is—well, imagine that money is a rather large tentacle sex toy and Cooper Ika performs several disappearing acts through various…ermmm…lips. She teases with the toy gently. At first, I thought, ‘This is great! She’s experimenting with a mixture of facial expression and energy. I love…’. My thoughts trailed off as I saw the following pages of shot after shot of her going a bit deeper with the toy. The teasing became playful aggression. The aggression became a full-blown assault by page 6. By the end of the shoot, Cooper Ika had not only shown her playful side but also revealed herself to be sexual energy made manifest. #LLAP, indeed.

Cooper Ika might not be new to modelling, but I am glad to have discovered her in the pages of Bazowie! and to revisit her in this Blue Blood shoot. I hope to see much more of her in the future as she is one of the most exciting models I’ve seen in a long time.

If you like Hentai, Maniac Mansion, or are in the mood to see a colourful and vibrant talent capture every moment given to her, then this is the shoot for you. I loved the Yoshi touch mid-way through, and Cooper Ika proves that women can tame the wild tentacle with powerful erotic physication.

I can’t tell you how excited Amelia G and I are to have gotten to shoot some awesome tentacle sex for EroticFandom! I first met Cooper at the AltPorn Awards, there this toy, Bad Drago’s Ika won the awards for Best Toy of 2017! AltPorn and Bad Dragon hooked us up with the winning toy and I couldn’t think of anyone more perfect to show it off than sexy fun Cooper! I love so many things about this set. And wow, I also have to mention how impressive it was to see Cooper show off her deep-throat skills on that slippery alien appendage. October is also special beaus the Ika is the Toy of the Month over at Bad Dragon, which means you can get it as a nice discount too! Happy Halloween!


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