A bag full of RazorCandi devils for Halloween


I’m a big fan (or at least a tall one) of RazorCandi. She’s creative, she’s dark, she’s got tats and she’s a Bowie fan. I love her Alt Porn Award-winning book and her shirt got me into more than a few press badge areas. What’s there not to like? Halloween would not be the same without a bit of candy, RazorCandi that is.

There is this punk energy in everything Razor Candi does. I love the energy and the creative direction she takes with her work. It was a no-brainer to see her and Barely Evil work together. Two great creative powerhouses joining up to put out some rather great work. I love the semi-transparent makeup here. It really sets the shoot apart from others that might go down a devilish route. The ability to see the ink beneath the makeup reminds me of how ink looks under the lights of a dark room. I know I’ve met a devil in a darkroom before, so this brings back some extra sensory memory for me.

The way Razor Candi uses her body as medium is on full blast here. Normally, RazorCandi has a layered set of home-made costuming. This time, it’s (mostly) just her. Her, some horns, a splash of red, and some killer eyes. I never thought I’d utter this but, ‘I love how her nipples turned out in this shoot’. The makeup makes every part of pigment pop and that gives the nipples and areolas some interesting definition.

RazorCandi is always fun for Halloween and this set does not disappoint. If you ever want to see the phenom behind an award-winning book, look no further than this combo of RazorCandi and BarelyEvil. Oh, and if you are wondering if that wonderful makeup goes everywhere, well, the answer is in the photo I’m looking at right now. Razor is on her knees with her back to the camera. She’s looking over her shoulder with one clawed hand reaching out to the camera. Her back curves towards a slender waist that kisses inward to expose her…

Forrest Black and I started shooting this devil girl series more than a decade and a half ago and we just had to include the fabulous RazorCandi in this theme. Our technique is to use red makeup which is semi-transparent, so that tattoos show through, which makes it especially interesting on inked models. The yellow eyes were her touch. We are happy to have RazorCandi grace the cover of the new Barely Evil print magazine now, along with a delightfully blasphemous interview with her.
–Amelia G


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