Emily Blacc is buried alive


GothicSluts really nails this one, no pun intended. I never thought a coffin would be sexy and it took Emily Blacc to prove me wrong. I’m not sure what sort of voodoo Amelia G and Forrest Black have going, but this coffin shoot ramps the game up a notch. The first thing you notice is just how small a coffin really is and this one has a glass top, so you know that will come in play.

I hate MRIs because I hate being enclosed in small spaces. I cannot imagine being shut in a coffin and trying to pull off any sort of posing, sexy or otherwise. My imaginary hat comes off to Emily Blacc because not only is pulling off some of the best expressive poses, but she’s doing so from inside a shut coffin. The shoot works because it’s honest. I can see Emily Blacc pushing through all of her anxiety about enclosed spaces and being abso-fricken-lutely radiant. She’s death incarnate here and I love it.

Emily Blacc’s power shines from the first moment of her sitting in the coffin, huddling her chest against her legs, and she exemplifies what dangerous beauty should be with her closed lid work. I’m a huge horror fan and the thing that kept popping for me was her facial and body expressions in the coffin. This shoot made me recall the old Dracula movie I saw on Betamax (yeah, jimbo is old) and the scene with Mina being turned. At first, I thought Emily Blacc would make a great Mina Harker. She has that haunting beauty quality that Mina needs with her expressive control and that perfect balance of ink with a ginger’s skin.

Those eyes, though, those eyes. She isn’t Mina, she is Dracula. Her power, her stone cold beauty, and that (more than a little) hint of danger in her eyes–she is vulnerable and powerful.

I can’t show most of the photos and the ones at the end with her fully enclosed are well worth the price of admission. If you like a bit of kink or maybe you are into a ginger who can slay with a look, then this is definitely the shoot for you. I mean, it’s GothicSluts from BlueBlood–you really can’t go wrong here. I can’t think of a better way to ramp up to Halloween than spending time on GothicSluts, especially with talents like Emily Blacc pulling off some amazing model work.

We’re happily kicking off Halloween season! This was a really fun set to shoot with Emily Blacc, not just because she’s enthusiastically great to work with, but it’s also been a while since we got to shoot a sexy coffin set. Emily was brave and managed her stress about enclosed spaces, so we could show off the features of this cool glass-top dead person box. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.
Forrest Black~


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