Ms Poisoness’ Tools Of The Trade


I don’t know about you, but I believe there is something super attractive about a lady handling different tools, and Ms Poisoness does not disappoint with her great presentation of each item as she poses and teases you with them, all while she shows you a bit more of her skin little by little.

The cenobite setting works wonderfully on this BlueBlood gallery as you get to see the deep level of suggestiveness that Ms Poisones has about her. Also, with the sexy red and blue dress that she is wearing, she looks like the first of many RubberDollies that Superman would like to find at his fortress of solitude.


Badass Ms Poisoness had this slasher-themed rubber dress made for her many appearances at horror conventions. Forrest Black and I thought it would look great on this Cenobite style setting designed by Kevin Flint.
–Amelia G



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