Ms. Poisoness Luck of the Shamrock Babe


ms poisonous stpatsI just got an email with this hot free Gothic Sluts gallery.

Of course, you can see a lot more in the members area on Gothic Sluts or

Although this shoot, lensed by Forrest Black and Amelia G, has green colors which really pop, according to Amelia G, “The original color associated with the holiday was blue.” Also, “Use of the shamrock was added nearly a thousand years after the death of the saint, as a co-option of Pagan ritual.” I guess that is why, even though they opted for green hues, they went with green skulls, instead of green four-leafed clovers.

Lovely artistic and sexy shoot anyway. Newcomer Ms. Poisoness looks badass and I love her high quality Lady Death tattoo.


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