Arrow – The Huntress Returns


I was out picking up a pizza because the chicken I made saddened me, so the Hubs took notes for the first ten minutes. Here is his contribution:

* Dresden Files and his ex talked about Black Canary’s sister being not dead. Imma call her Ochre Canary.
* Speedy and Speedy talked about getting Speedy a job working for Speedy’s brother’s club. Speedy will be parking cars.
* Huntress looks foxy.

Okay, back to me. Tommy is an insufferable drama queen with his best friend bemoaning. When you pout like that, your mouth looks like an asshole. I really, really don’t care about Tommy at all, and by proxy I don’t care about Laurel and her family bullshit.

Is that Andrew WK at the Verdant (get it, it’s green) party? No it’s Steve Aoki, wearing a Jesus shirt. Helena shows up to be uptight and breaks some guys arm while making more threats. I should have gotten a bigger pizza.

Ollie and Huntress, together again! On matching motorcycles, isn’t that sweet. They’re tracking down…. um, her dad? Really not paying attention to this one. How do the cops know it’s Helena!? She’s wearing a mask!

Speedy and Speedy are already tiresome. Why are they canceling Young Justice? That show is better written than this show. And the Speedies on that show aren’t as annoying, which is a hard thing to pull off.

On the Lost island Ollie and Deathstroke continue to wreck havoc and whatnot. But they are wearing shirts so that’s lame. Show off dem abs!!

The best part of this episode is when Shiva gets freaky with Ollie and we get to see her bra. Cheap thrills. I know. Look, I’m not the best person, but I know what I like. And it’s boobs.

Felicity gets kidnapped by Huntress but it doesn’t take. What was the point of that? Then she kills a shit ton of cops while the Hubs made a ton of crossbow vs armor jokes. Some were mildly amusing. I basically called everything that happens in this episode. It was pretty much drivel with some faint story development. Pretty disappointing all in all. Next week I better get some shirtless dudes. Or else.


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