Arrow – Sacrifice


Doctor Teeth, I mean Captain Jack, I mean Merlyn, now has Ollie chained up (hawt) after their little run in and tries to convince Ollie that destroying the Glades is a good idea. Not gonna happen, but Ollie isn’t wearing a shirt and does some crazy ninja shit to free himself. Dresden picks up Felicity and starts to question her when the Hood calls to warn him about the Earthquake Machine.

Cut to the Lost island where the ménage à twerps finally manage to wreck some shit and kill a whoooooooole lot of dudes. Hawt. They thwart the plan to blow up the airplane but Shado is captured by Captain Dickbag. He threatens to kill her but Ollie uses his newly found bow to shoot that muther right through the goddamn chest. Woot!

Tommy’s still a douche? Check. He has a cry at his dad about Laurel but Merlyn’s not having it and tells him WHY he wants to blow up half the city. He gets a good bit of rage going and scares the crap out of lil Tommy, then kills some cops.

Dresden tries to get the cops to evacuate the Glades but once he tells his captain that his source is the Hood, well, it doesn’t go well. It’s nice to see him finally defending Ollie rather than yelling at him.

Ollie confronts his mother and she plays the “I did it all for you” card, which just makes Ollie roll his eyes at her. She’s just terrible. She gets a call from Merlyn saying that the timetable is being moved up for the Reckoning. Ollie finally tells her what happened on the raft and how his father killed himself so that Ollie could live. She doesn’t like the sound of that at all and Ollie runs off. Moira holds a press conference and comes completely clean. Damn, bitch! When she goes down, she takes the whole ship with her. And of course Thea makes it all about stupid Speedy and runs off, presumably to the Glades to get him. OY.

The scene at the Glades is utter chaos, I mean, more so than usual and Speedy finds Speedy to rescue Speedy. Dresden rushes in to deactivate the device while Felicity talks him through it. Better hurry up duder! He makes a heartfelt call to Laurel which makes me all gushy inside. Speedy stays behind to help while Speedy takes off in the car. What a bitch. Ollie and Merlyn beat the shit out of each other and Diggle gets a knife to the chest but will probably make it. And Merlyn makes an excellent management joke about how being a good business man taught him to value redundancy. And then the second bomb goes off.

Laurel gets trapped under rubble, but it’s Tommy to the rescue. Tommy then gets blown up and it’s Ollie to the rescue. Oh that’s not good! Rebar isn’t supposed to go there. Well now Merlyn is going to be extra revengey next season. I didn’t see that coming, I thought for sure they’d turn Tommy into the villain but I think this is better and gives him a bit of redemption.

Oh boy you guys, that was a doozy! I’m glad they made the decisions they did, it certainly got gritty and I can respect that.


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