Domino Interviews A New “Member” of X-Force


Luna Corazon completely nails the role of Domino in Deadpool” Domino A XXX Parody at VRCosplayX. Domino superpower really is luck as she gets to train you and the new biggest “member” of Deadpool’s X-Force. And, she’s not messing around putting you through the ringer, making sure that you can handle whatever position she puts you in.

Luna Corazon looks amazing as Domino. She really captures that sexy, confident look that Domino has. And, in full VR you can experience her like she’s right in the room with you. Domino’s superpower might be luck, but this time you’re really the lucky one since you get to see her at her sexiest and most provocative.

So, you want to join the X-Force, do you? Well, lately, prospective recruits have all undergone an extensive interview process with Domino. When she asks you what your superpower is and you tell her it’s your massive cock, she initially thinks you’re joking, but when you finally whip it out, she can, in fact, confirm that you have a monster dick. Hey, that’s just as much of a superpower as being lucky, right? Go ahead and let Domino conduct her full interview as she sucks and fucks you all around the new X-Force hideout and you might just get the job. Domino has never looked so good, so grab your VR headset and meet Lady Luck for yourself in this immersive 180-degree VR porn experience.


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